50 Must-Try Bay Window Decorating Ideas

Bay windows are such a treat – the additional light they allow into space and the architectural detail they provide with their angled sides make them a beautiful focal point in any room. Decorating a bay window area can be a fun way to highlight this special feature while adding style and functionality. Read on for 50 cool bay window decorating tips ranging from inspiration on styling to practical advice for making the most of the space.

Bay Window Decorating Ideas

Inspirational Bay Window Decor

These ideas focus on using various design elements to make your bay window area pop.

1. Incorporate Greenery

Placing potted plants on the window seat or hanging trailing vines along the bay window frames brings natural flair. Go for an abundance of greens to maximize the outdoorsy feel.

Incorporate Greenery

2. Add Some Sparkle

When the light pours into a bay window, adding mirrors or metallic accents like silver candle holders reflects and amplifies the brightness. This makes the space feel open and airy.

Add Some Sparkle

3. Style with Artwork

Hang a painting or photo collage wall along the flat wall space above your bay window or lean canvases against the side walls. This frames out the area beautifully.

Style with Artwork

4. Build Display Shelves

Flank the window area with open shelves stacked with colourful books, vases and collectibles to create a vignette that catches the eye.

Build Display Shelves

5. Drape Creatively

Take advantage of the architecture and drape your curtains or valances along the angled sides of the bay window for added drama. Cascading fabrics emphasize the window shape.

Drape Creatively

6. Contrast with Color

If your bay window exterior is white, choose a bold colour like navy blue for the interior window seats or walls to make the bay window recess pop. The colour contrast helps the architectural detail stand out.

Contrast with Color

Practical Bay Window Decor Ideas

These bay window decorating tips focus on functionality – how to maximize storage, seating and usage of the space.

7. Built-in Storage Benches

Custom-building bench seating with storage underneath is a great way to take advantage of the full area for the organization. Add hinged lids, pull-out drawers and baskets for stash space.

Built-in Storage Benches

8. Window Seat Cushions

Plump cushions lined along a bay window seat add comfort so you can nestle right up to the glass and enjoy the views outdoors. Opt for washable slipcovers to keep them looking fresh.

Window Seat Cushions

9. Pull-up Seating

Attach a folding seat or ottoman to the wall or window frame so it can be folded out when you need extra seating around a dining table or living area but tuck it out of the way when not in use.

Pull-up Seating

10. Display Built-ins

Build out the area around a bay window recess with custom bookshelves, cabinets and display shelving. This helps highlight the architecture while adding storage solutions.

Display Built-ins

11. Charging Station

In a home office or bedroom, install floating shelves or a built-in desktop to create a workspace. Add electrical outlets to make it a convenient charging station for your devices.

Charging Station

12. Window Perches

Place a narrow table, floating shelf or built-in desk right up against the bay window frame to create a perch for displaying special objects right in the light.

Window Perches

13. Pet Beds

The enclosed bay window space is an ideal spot for a plush pet bed – especially if there is a view outside for them to survey. It helps contain pet hair too!

Pet Beds

14. Window Gardens

Line your bay window area with shelving and use it to house an indoor garden! The ample sunlight streaming in is perfect for nurturing plants.

Window Gardens

Budget-Friendly Bay Window Decor Tips

These cheap ideas help you transform your bay window zone without spending a lot.

15. Fresh Coat of Paint

A simple DIY upgrade is to paint the recessed walls or window frames in a glossy, eye-catching shade. The colour change alone makes a big impact.

Fresh Coat of Paint

16. Area Rug Layering

Layer large area rugs over your existing flooring to define the bay window seating zone. Oversize patterns and braided textures add cozy style.

Area Rug Layering

17. Thrifted Furnishings

Hit up garage sales, Facebook Marketplace and consignment shops to score secondhand furniture and accessories like side tables, poufs and artwork on a dime to fill out your bay window vignette.

Thrifted Furnishings

18. Window Film

Add some privacy, UV protection and style by installing decorative window film on your bay window glass. Options range from stained glass to rice paper patterns.

Window Film

19. Removable Wallpaper

Use temporary wallpaper only where it will make the most visual impact – right inside the bay window recess. Self-adhesive papers with wood grains, grasscloth and more create texture.

Removable Wallpaper

20. Fabric Curtains

Inexpensive cotton print fabrics can be used to fashion charming café-style curtains. Clip curtain rings onto twine, ribbon or a wooden dowel rod. Simple but impactful.

Fabric Curtains

21. Beanbag Seating

For a flexible, family-friendly seating option, pick up a few oversize beanbag chairs. They can be arranged around the bay window space and pull double duty for extra seating when you have guests.

Beanbag Seating

22. Faux Roman Shades

Make budget-friendly DIY Roman shades using foam core board. Cut the foam to size and cover it with scrapbook paper or fabric. Attach ribbons to the back to lift and lower your “shades”.

Faux Roman Shades

23. Gallery Walls

You can gather art, photos, mirrors and prints from dollar stores, thrift shops and your own collection to create an eclectic gallery wall display that highlights the bay window area.

Gallery Walls

Styling Your Bay Window Area

Use these tips to pull your bay window decor all together into a cohesive space.

24. Repeat Colors

Pick one or two coordinating colours and use them in the window treatments; throw pillows, accessories and artwork to tie the whole bay window vignette together.

Repeat Colors

25. Incorporate Natural Textures

Add touches like woven woods, rattans, ceramics and live plants to enhance the natural light coming through the bay window and make the area feel earthy and organic.

Incorporate Natural Textures

26. Harmonize Styles

The furnishings and accents around your bay window zone don’t have to “match” but opting for pieces with some common threads like all woods, metallics or global motifs helps them feel cohesive.

Harmonize Styles

27. Soft Fabrics

Choose window treatments, pillows and throws in soft, tactile fabrics like velvets, faux furs and cable knits to encourage lounging and cuddling up in the bay window area.

Soft Fabrics

28. Pull In Nearby Colors

Reference the colour scheme used elsewhere in your home. If your living room is blue and yellow, incorporate those same colours when decorating your bay window seating area. The repetition makes spaces flow.

Pull In Nearby Colors

29. Vary Textures

Combine glossy and matte surfaces, smooth woods with nubby fabrics, delicate sheers and chunky knits to add visual interest and dimension to your bay window vignette.

Vary Textures

30. Display Your Collections

Make your bay window area even more special by using it to showcase meaningful travel souvenirs, seashells from beach vacations, or antique curiosities inherited from grandparents.

Display Your Collections

Functional Touches for Bay Window Zones

These ideas add convenience to your bay window seating space.

31. Side Tables

Flanking built-in bench seating with side tables, like a sofa, provides surface space for setting down snacks, beverages and remotes.

Side Tables

32. Floor Lamps

Position adjustable arched floor lamps nearby to provide task lighting if you’ll use your bay window area for reading, working on your laptop or doing crafts.

Floor Lamps

33. Charging Station

Incorporate electrical outlets into built-in cabinetry or shelves so you can conveniently power and recharge electronics while lounging in your window seat.

Charging Station

34. Drawer Organizers

Make use of all the storage space under bay window benches by adding drawer organizers for everything from remotes to coasters to hideaway clutter.

Drawer Organizers

35. Lap Desks

Keep TV trays or small lap desks stored under your bay window bench to pull out and use as a surface for puzzles, laptops or writing letters.

Lap Desks

36. Ottomans

Movable cube ottomans and poufs add extra, adaptable seating for when the company comes over. When not in use they can be tucked under tables.

Ottomans bay windows

37. Trays

Use trays atop storage ottomans or side tables to corral smaller items like TV remotes, headphones and candles so they don’t get scattered and lost in the bay window area.


38. Blackout Curtains

If the bay window space will also be used as a reading nook or nap zone, install blackout curtains to block light when desired for privacy and sleep.

Blackout Curtains

Decor Touches for Specific Bay Window Rooms

Tailor your bay window decorating to how the space will be used.

39. Reading Nook

Style with plush pillows, soft throws, floor lamps, bookshelves and a cozy chair or chaise for the ultimate reading retreat.

Reading Nook

40. Home Office

Add a desk, file cabinets and floating shelves brimming with office supplies to create a productivity zone with inspiring views.

Home Office

41. Kids’ Play Area

Fill with toys, games, beanbags, a small table and chair set for arts and crafts and washable rugs over the flooring to withstand activity.

Kids’ Play Area

42. Nursery

Create a soothing sanctuary with blackout curtains, a cushy rocking chair, a side table and a soft lamp perfect for late-night feedings and lullabies.


43. Dining Room

Flank the ends of a bay window bump out with open shelving or cabinets to store dining ware. Add sconces above the window for ambient lighting.

Dining Room

44. Kitchen

Maximize cabinetry, countertops and open shelving along the bay window area to take advantage of the recessed space while prepping, cooking and cleaning up.


45. Living Room

Line with bookcases, cabinets and seating like a bench, chairs or sofa arranged to take in the outdoor views through the glass.

Living Room

46. Bedroom Retreat

Make it an ultra-cozy place to start and end your day with layers of linens, pillows, and throws, plus a padded headboard and curtains for privacy.

Bedroom Retreat

47. Meditation Zone

Encourage reflection with minimal, natural decor like woven shades, a single candle, potted plants and a pillow for sitting comfortably.

Meditation Zone

48. Craft Area

Bring in a large table or desk, storage for supplies, specialty lighting and organization solutions to create your dream DIY workspace.

Craft Area

Special Considerations for Bay Windows

Keep these things in mind as you plan your bay window decor.

49. Sun Protection

The ample light is gorgeous but can also fade furnishings. Consider curtain linings, window film and shades to diffuse harsh rays.

Sun Protection

50. Airflow

Bay windows can get stuffy. Incorporate ceiling fans, cross breezes with windows/doors on opposite sides of a room and plenty of live plants to freshen the air.



A bay window instantly elevates a room’s architecture while allowing beautiful natural light to pour in. With so many creative bay window decorating ideas at your fingertips – from lush botanical accents to built-in storage benches and colour-contrasting paint jobs – you’re sure to find inspiration to make the most of your space. The key is choosing bay window decor that fits both the room’s purpose and design style. Aim to highlight the bay as a functional focal point whether using it as a reading nook, home office, display case for collections or extra dining seating. The unique shape provides so many possibilities! Maximize the recessed space with organization solutions like shelves and drawers to eliminate surrounding clutter. Then fill the zone with plush pillows and eye-catching styles. Soon your bay window area will become a favourite spot in your home to relax, recharge and admire lovely views.

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