25 Stunning French Door Window Covering Ideas

French doors are a beautiful architectural element that can bring natural light and an airy feeling into any room. However, finding the right window coverings for French doors can be a challenge. You want something that provides privacy and light control without obstructing the view or making the space feel closed off.

Whether you have traditional French doors leading to a patio or deck, or interior French doors separating rooms, the right window treatments can enhance the style and functionality of these elegant entrances. From sheer panels to shutters to innovative specialty shades, there are plenty of stylish solutions to choose from.

French Door Window Covering Ideas

To help you dress up your French doors in style, we’ve rounded up 25 eye-catching ideas to inspire your space. Keep reading to discover chic and functional French door window covering options for every aesthetic.

1. Sheer Curtain Panels

Light and breezy, sheer curtain panels are a timeless choice for French doors. Opt for long, flowing panels that skim the floor for an elegant, romantic look. Sheers filter sunlight beautifully while still allowing for privacy.

Sheer curtains come in a variety of fabrics like linen, silk, and polyester, each with a unique drape and level of light filtering. For a more transparent look, consider sheer linen or cotton voile. Polyester sheers offer more privacy while still allowing light to pass through.

Sheer Curtain Panels

2. Patterned Draperies

For a more decorative approach, patterned draperies can make a bold style statement on French doors. From ornate damasks to pretty florals, patterned fabrics add visual interest and personality.

When choosing patterned drapes for French doors, consider the scale of the pattern in relation to the size of the doors. Larger doors can handle bigger, bolder patterns, while smaller doors may look best with more delicate designs.

Here are some popular patterned drapery styles for French doors:

  • Damask
  • Floral
  • Geometric
  • Striped
  • Ikat
Patterned Draperies

3. Layered Window Treatments

Create a tailored look by layering window treatments over French doors. For example, pair sheer panels with operable shutters or top them with a decorative valance or cornice board.

Layering window treatments adds depth, texture, and functionality. Here are some trendy layered looks for French doors:

  • Sheer curtains + roller shades
  • Draperies + wood blinds
  • Sheers + shutters + valance
  • Curtain panels + woven shades + cornice

With layered treatments, be sure to choose fabrics and materials that complement each other for a cohesive, designer look.

Layered Window Treatments

4. Café Curtains

Café curtains, which cover just the bottom portion of the window, are ideal for French doors. This casual style provides privacy while keeping the top half of the glass exposed to let in plenty of natural light.

Café curtains are a relaxed choice perfect for kitchens, breakfast nooks, and other casual living spaces. They can be tailored with a rod pocket or hung from rings on a decorative rod.

For an easy DIY look, simply hem fabric panels to the desired length for French door café curtains. Or, purchase ready-made café curtains made specifically for French door dimensions.

Café Curtains

5. Roman Shades

Functional and chic, Roman shades are an excellent choice for French doors. Flat panels fold up neatly when raised and can be made of virtually any fabric to complement your decor.

Roman shades provide complete privacy and light control when lowered but can be raised to let in sunlight and take advantage of your door’s view. They can be mounted inside or outside the window frame for a tailored look.

For French doors, consider patterned or textured Roman shades to add visual interest. Or, opt for solid colors and layer with drapery panels.

Here are some popular Roman shade styles for French doors:

  • Flat panel
  • Hobbled/relaxed
  • Pleated
  • Top-down, bottom-up
  • Cordless/motorized
Roman Shades

6. French Door Curtain Rods

Standard curtain rods often don’t work well with the unique shape of French doors. Special French door curtain rods mount on the frame or ceiling to allow panels to open and close smoothly.

French door curtain rods are designed to wrap around the door frame and clear the opening so curtains glide easily along the rod when the doors are operated. Many styles are available, from basic rods to more decorative finials and designs.

Some popular French door curtain rod styles include:

  • Ceiling mount/crown
  • Wall mount/frame hug
  • Double rod
  • Swing arm
  • Bendable/curved

When measuring for French door rods, be sure to account for any door handles or obstructions so the curtains have ample clearance.

French Door Curtain Rods

7. Bamboo Shades

For a warm, natural look, consider rolling bamboo shades over French doors. These woven wood shades diffuse sunlight beautifully and are available in various colors and styles.

Bamboo shades are highly versatile and can work with virtually any design aesthetic from coastal to farmhouse to modern boho. The textural woven material adds depth and dimension to French door windows.

You can find bamboo shades in a variety of styles including:

  • Roman fold
  • Roll-up
  • Cordless/motorized
  • Lined/unlined
  • Exterior/patio roll shades

For added privacy and light control, layer bamboo shades with sheer curtain panels or draperies.

Bamboo Shades

8. Board & Batten Shutters

Add architectural charm with board and batten shutters. These solid shutters have a rustic yet refined look and can open all the way or be adjusted to control light levels.

Board and batten shutters feature wide wood boards connected with narrower battens creating an attractive geometric pattern. They provide total privacy and light blockage when closed but can be opened to allow in sunlight.

This shutter style is well-suited for French doors in traditional, farmhouse, cottage, and coastal-inspired interiors. The look is both decorative and functional.

Board & Batten Shutters

9. Sheer Shades

The perfect blend of sheer and opaque, sheer window shades allow you to filter light while maintaining your view through French doors. Many top-down, bottom-up options are available.

Sheer shades combine two layers of fabric: an opaque roller shade and a sheer fabric face. Raise the sheer face to let in light or lower it for soft light diffusion and privacy.

Top-down, bottom-up sheer shades adjust both layers independently so you can allow light from the top while maintaining privacy on the lower portion of the window.

This combination treatment is ideal for French doors leading to private outdoor spaces where you want both light and privacy.

Sheer Shades

10. Sliding Panels

For larger openings with multiple French door panels, sliding window panels that glide smoothly from side to side can provide full access while open and complete privacy when closed.

Sliding panels operate like barn doors, stacking neatly to one side when opened. They make an excellent room divider over French doors while providing flexibility to open and close off spaces as needed.

Available in a variety of materials like wood, glass, mirrors, and more, sliding panels are both functional and decorative. Add texture and interest by mixing materials or choosing panels with geometric cutouts or designs.

Sliding Panels

11. Plantation Shutters

Traditional plantation shutters are an elegant solution for French doors. With adjustable louvers, they offer excellent light control and a classic look suitable for any style home.

Plantation shutters consist of wide louvers typically made of wood or poly/faux wood. The louvers can be tilted open to allow light in or closed completely for privacy and light blocking.

These sturdy shutters are incredibly versatile and complement a wide range of interior design styles from coastal to traditional to transitional. When paired with French doors, they evoke a timeless, sophisticated vibe.

Plantation Shutters

12. Curtain Rods with Rings

Make opening and closing draperies easier with curtain rods that glide on rings. This functional upgrade prevents fabric from snagging or getting stuck between the door openings.

Curtain rings allow drapery panels to effortlessly pull back without getting bunched or caught between the opening. Rings can be metal, wood, or even decorative styles like grommets or tabs.

For French doors, look for double rod designs that have inner and outer rods so panels glide back smoothly. Or, opt for a ceiling-mounted rod that clears the door opening completely.

Curtain Rods with Rings

13. Matchstick Blinds

For a fresh, contemporary look, matchstick blinds are an intriguing choice. These sleek horizontal window blinds are made of slim wooden dowels woven together with cording.

Matchstick blinds offer the clean lines of traditional blinds but with a unique organic texture thanks to the woven wooden slats. They filter light beautifully while still allowing some visibility.

This window covering is well-suited for modern, minimalist interiors as well as spaces with bohemian, eclectic, or global-inspired styles. Opt for natural wood tones or bolder hues like deep blue or black for dramatic impact.

Matchstick Blinds

14. Beaded Curtains

Boho and eclectic interiors will love the laid-back vibe of beaded door curtains. These decorative strings of beads or bamboo can be parted easily as you pass through the doorway.

Beaded curtains are lightweight yet provide light filtering and some privacy for French doors. They come in a wide array of styles using materials like:

  • Wood beads
  • Glass beads
  • Bamboo/rattan
  • Shells
  • Metal rings

For a modern twist, install simple strings of beads behind sheer curtain panels. Or, use beaded curtains alone for a funky room divider over French doors.

Beaded Curtains

15. Cellular Shades

Energy-efficient cellular or honeycomb shades are a smart pick for insulating French doors. The unique construction traps air to provide superior temperature control.

Also known as honeycomb shades, cellular shades feature rows of compartmentalized fabric cells that create insulating air pockets. This design helps block heat transfer to keep interiors warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Cellular shades offer excellent light control and privacy when lowered over French doors. Many options are available from light filtering to blackout and everything in between.

For French door windows, consider top-down bottom-up cellular shades for ultimate flexibility and light control.

Cellular Shades

16. Indoor/Outdoor Curtains

If your French doors open to an outdoor living space, consider curtains designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Weather-resistant fabrics will stand up to the elements.

Indoor/outdoor curtains are made of materials that can withstand moisture, fading, mildew, and other damages from the elements. Common fabric choices include:

  • Solution-dyed acrylics
  • Polyesters
  • Canvas
  • Outdoor-rated synthetics

These durable curtain panels can be used over exterior French doors or around covered porches and patios. Many options are available including woven textures, prints, and solid colors for seamless indoor/outdoor style.

IndoorOutdoor Curtains

17. Sliding Barn Doors

Forgo window treatments altogether by using a sliding barn door to cover French door openings when desired. This rustic, space-saving door can stack neatly to one side.

Interior sliding barn doors mounted on a overhead track are an increasingly popular room divider and window covering solution. Over French doors, they instantly add rustic character and visual interest.

Barn doors can be made of solid wood planks for total privacy or incorporate glass panes for light filtering. Many styles and hardware options are available from reclaimed wood to sleek modern designs.

Sliding Barn Doors

18. Half Window Film

For French doors that require privacy on the lower portions only, half window film provides a simple solution. These decorative films are available in various frosted patterns.

Window film can be applied just to the bottom half of French door windows for privacy while maintaining an unobstructed view through the top portion of the glass.

Decorative frosted window films come in many styles including:

  • Textured glass patterns
  • Obscured designs
  • Stained glass looks
  • Geometric patterns

Window film is an affordable and easy-to-install option that doesn’t compromise views through the top panes of French doors.

Half Window Film

19. Cordless Blinds

Enhance child safety by choosing cordless blinds for your French door window treatments. These operate easily with a wand or motorized mechanism instead of cords.

Cordless window blinds eliminate any potential strangulation hazards that can come from dangling blind cords while still allowing for easy raising and lowering. Operation options include:

  • Wand tilt/lift
  • Motorized operation
  • Manual lift without cords

For French doors, cordless blinds provide a clean look without visible tilt wands when raised. Many options like faux wood and aluminum are available to suit any style.

Cordless Blinds

20. Stained Glass

For a truly unique look, install stained glass inserts into your French doors. The colored glass designs will cast a lovely glow while providing beauty and privacy.

Decorative stained glass panels can be custom-made to fit the panes of French door windows for a one-of-a-kind window treatment solution.

Options range from classic stained glass techniques to more modern art glass designs utilizing materials like:

  • Colored glass
  • Textured glass
  • Fused glass
  • Beveled glass

A set of French doors with gorgeous art glass inserts instantly becomes a stunning centerpiece in your home.

Stained Glass

21. Woven Wood Shades

For French doors that require light filtering and UV protection, woven wood shades fit the bill. These earthy shades are available in a variety of weaves and colors.

Like bamboo shades, woven wood shades are constructed of slim wooden reeds, grasses, or bamboo woven together in unique patterns. However, wood options like reed and grasses have a more refined, uniform texture.

Woven wood shades block harsh rays while allowing filtered light through the tight weave. They add warmth and textural interest to any room, especially when paired with the elegance of French doors.

Woven Wood Shades

22. Stenciled Shades

Add a custom, artistic touch by stenciling a design onto basic roller shades. Bold patterns like florals or geometrics can transform plain window shades into focal points.

This DIY window treatment combines function with creative flair. Start with plain roller shades (bamboo or opaque options work best) and use stencils and fabric paint to create a standout design.

Popular stencil patterns for shades include:

  • Damasks
  • Botanical motifs
  • Modern geometrics
  • Moroccan tile patterns
  • Even monogrammed initials

The contrasting pattern peeks through when the roller shades are raised, adding a decorative accent to your French doors.

Stenciled Shades

23. Mixed Window Treatments

Who says French doors have to be covered in a single treatment from top to bottom? Try a creative combination like pairing curtain panels over shutters or layering shades beneath valances.

Mixing multiple window covering styles allows you to blend functionality with decorative details. For example:

  • Sheer curtain panels + plantation shutters
  • Roman shades + floral valance
  • Roller shades + patterned draperies
  • Bamboo shades + textured cornice

Combining different materials and textures adds depth and visual

Mixed Window Treatments

24. Airy Linen Drapes

The gorgeous draping and gentle texture of linen curtains make them a dreamy choice for French doors. Lightweight and soft, they provide just enough coverage while maintaining an airy vibe.

Linen’s natural fibers give it a beautiful, relaxed drape that’s perfect for enhancing the elegance of French doors. The material’s subtle nubby texture also adds dimension and interest.

Available in a range of neutral shades from bright white to warm tans and grays, linen drapes work well with any interior design style from coastal to modern farmhouse.

For functionality, consider linen curtain panels mounted on a decorative rod with rings to easily slide open and closed over French doors.

Airy Linen Drapes

25. Motorized Shades

For the ultimate in convenience, motorized window shades are worth considering for French door treatments. Operate them at the touch of a button or program them on a schedule.

Motorized shades provide effortless control over light and privacy levels for French doors. Many options exist for automated operation including:

  • Remotes/app controls
  • Voice activation
  • Scheduled programming
  • Integrated smart home systems
  • Battery or hard-wired power sources

From roller shades to cellular honeycomb shades and beyond, most any window treatment can be motorized these days. This hands-free solution makes adjusting shades over French doors a breeze.

Motorized Shades

Design Tips For French Door Window Treatments

To ensure your French door window coverings enhance the style and functionality of the space, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Ensure Smooth Operation: Verify treatments open and close smoothly without obstructing the door opening.
  • Mind the Door Hardware: Account for handles, locks, and other hardware when measuring and mounting treatments.
  • Layer for Flexibility: Combine an operable shade with curtain panels for optimal light and privacy control.
  • Mix Textures & Materials: Blend materials like wood, woven textiles, and sheers for visual interest.
  • Consider Your View: For doors with a great view, opt for sheers or top-down shades to maintain visibility.
  • Choose Quality Materials: Invest in more durable fabrics and materials suited for frequent operation over doors.

With so many beautiful yet practical French door window covering options available, it’s easy to find the perfect treatment to suit your home’s aesthetic and needs. Get creative with layers, combinations, and custom touches for maximum style impact.

Window TreatmentBenefits for French Doors
Sheer CurtainsFilters light while maintaining views
Patterned DrapesDecorative style statement
Plantation ShuttersExcellent light control, classic style
Roller ShadesClean lines, versatile light filtering
Cellular ShadesInsulating, energy-efficient

There’s no need to sacrifice form for function when it comes to outfitting your beloved French doors. These window covering ideas allow you to creatively address practical needs while upping the style factor in your space.

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