37 Eye-Catchy Wallpaper Ceiling Ideas to Transform Your Space

Are you looking for a way to add instant drama and personality to your rooms? Look no further than your ceiling! Often referred to as the “fifth wall,” ceilings present an exciting opportunity to showcase your style and creativity. One of the most impactful ways to elevate your space is by using wallpaper on the ceiling. This design trend has gained popularity in recent years, offering a unique way to transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Eye-Catchy Wallpaper Ceiling

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 37 eye-catching wallpaper ceiling ideas that will inspire you to think beyond traditional white ceilings. From bold patterns to subtle textures, there’s a wallpaper ceiling design for every taste and style. Let’s dive in and discover how you can make your ceiling the star of your home decor!

Why Choose Wallpaper for Your Ceiling?

Before we delve into specific ideas, let’s consider the benefits of using wallpaper on your ceiling:

  1. Instant visual impact
  2. Versatility in design options
  3. Ability to create optical illusions (e.g., making a room appear larger or cozier)
  4. Easier to install and remove compared to painted murals
  5. Potential to hide imperfections in the ceiling
  6. Opportunity to introduce texture and depth
  7. Ability to create a cohesive design theme throughout the room
  8. Potential to increase property value with unique design features

Now, let’s explore our curated list of 37 eye-catchy wallpaper ceiling ideas:

37 Eye-Catchy Wallpaper Ceiling Ideas

1. Celestial Sky Mural

Transform your bedroom into a dreamy oasis with a celestial sky mural wallpaper. This design features a soft, watercolour-style depiction of clouds, stars, and constellations, creating a serene and ethereal atmosphere perfect for restful nights.

Celestial Sky Mural

Pro Tip: Enhance the celestial theme by adding LED string lights or a star projector for a magical nighttime ambience.

Commercial Product: Consider the “Starry Night” wallpaper mural by Murals Wallpaper, featuring a photorealistic depiction of the night sky.

2. Botanical Bliss

Bring the outdoors in with a lush botanical wallpaper featuring oversized tropical leaves and flowers. This bold design works particularly well in sunrooms, bathrooms, or any space where you want to create a nature-inspired retreat.

Botanical Bliss

In-Depth: Botanical wallpapers can range from realistic photographic prints to stylized illustrations. Consider the overall style of your room when choosing between these options. For a more contemporary look, opt for large-scale, graphic botanical prints. For a traditional or vintage feel, choose smaller, more detailed floral patterns.

3. Geometric Glamour

For a modern and sophisticated look, opt for a geometric wallpaper with metallic accents. This style adds instant glamour to dining rooms or home offices, creating a statement ceiling that’s both eye-catching and elegant.

Geometric Glamour

Example: A hexagon pattern in gold and white can create a honeycomb effect, adding depth and interest to your ceiling while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic.

4. Vintage Map

History buffs and travel enthusiasts will love a vintage map wallpaper on the ceiling. This unique design can transform a study or library into an inspiring space for learning and exploration.

Vintage Map

Pro Tip: Choose a map that has personal significance, such as locations you’ve visited or places you dream of exploring. This adds a personal touch to your decor.

5. Textured Grasscloth

For a subtle yet luxurious look, consider a textured grasscloth wallpaper. This natural material adds warmth and depth to any room, creating a cozy atmosphere without overwhelming the space.

Textured Grasscloth

Commercial Product: Phillip Jeffries offers a wide range of high-quality grasscloth wallcoverings suitable for ceiling applications.

6. Whimsical Wonderland

Create a playful environment in a child’s room with a whimsical wallpaper featuring fantastical creatures, fairy tale scenes, or playful patterns. This design sparks imagination and adds a touch of magic to bedtime routines.

Whimsical Wonderland

In-Depth: When choosing a whimsical wallpaper for a child’s room, consider designs that can grow with the child. Abstract patterns or nature-inspired themes may have more longevity than character-specific designs.

7. Art Deco Elegance

Channel the glamour of the Roaring Twenties with an Art Deco-inspired wallpaper. Bold geometric patterns and metallic finishes make this style perfect for adding drama to formal living rooms or master bedrooms.

Art Deco Elegance

Example: A fan pattern in gold and black can create a stunning Art Deco ceiling that evokes the luxury of the era.

8. Moroccan Tile

Bring exotic flair to your space with a Moroccan tile-inspired wallpaper. This intricate pattern adds visual interest and a touch of global style to kitchens, bathrooms, or entryways.

Moroccan Tile

Pro Tip: Pair Moroccan tile wallpaper with warm, earthy tones in your decor to create a cohesive, Mediterranean-inspired look.

9. Chinoiserie Chic

Embrace timeless elegance with a Chinoiserie wallpaper featuring delicate floral motifs and bird designs. This classic style works beautifully in formal dining rooms or powder rooms.

Chinoiserie Chic

Commercial Product: de Gournay offers exquisite hand-painted Chinoiserie wallpapers that can be customized for ceiling application.

10. Ombre Effect

Create a sense of depth and movement with an ombre wallpaper that gradually transitions from one colour to another. This subtle yet impactful design is perfect for bedrooms or living areas.

Ombre Effect

In-Depth: Ombre wallpapers can be oriented in different directions to create various effects. A horizontal ombre can make a room feel wider, while a vertical ombre can make ceilings appear higher.

11. Trompe L’oeil Sky

Fool the eye with a trompe l’oeil sky wallpaper that creates the illusion of an open ceiling. This design is particularly effective in rooms with low ceilings, making the space feel more open and airy.

Trompe L'oeil Sky

Pro Tip: For a truly realistic effect, choose a sky mural that matches the typical weather in your region. This creates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

Commercial Product: Murals Wallpaper offers custom-sized sky murals that can be tailored to your exact ceiling dimensions.

12. Industrial Chic

For a modern, urban vibe, consider a wallpaper that mimics industrial materials like concrete or weathered metal. This style adds edgy sophistication to loft spaces or home offices.

Industrial Chic

In-Depth: Industrial-style wallpapers can range from realistic photographic prints of concrete or metal to more stylized interpretations. Consider combining different “materials” within the same space for a truly unique look.

13. Coastal Calm

Bring the serenity of the seaside into your home with a coastal-inspired wallpaper featuring subtle seashell patterns or soft blue hues. This design creates a calming atmosphere in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Coastal Calm

Example: A pale blue wallpaper with white seashell silhouettes can create a soothing, beach-inspired ceiling that’s perfect for relaxation.

14. Abstract Expressionism

Make a bold statement with an abstract expressionist wallpaper featuring dynamic brushstrokes and vibrant colours. This artistic choice adds energy and personality to living rooms or creative spaces.

Abstract Expressionism

Pro Tip: When using bold, abstract wallpaper on the ceiling, keep the walls and furnishings relatively neutral to allow the ceiling to be the focal point.

15. Starry Night

Create a magical ambience with a starry night wallpaper. This design is particularly enchanting in nurseries or cozy reading nooks, providing a dreamy backdrop for relaxation.

Starry Night

Commercial Product: Brewster Home Fashions offers glow-in-the-dark star wallpapers that add an extra element of wonder, especially for children’s rooms.

16. Tropical Paradise

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with wallpaper featuring exotic birds, lush foliage, and vibrant flowers. This design adds a pop of colour and personality to sunrooms or outdoor living spaces.

Tropical Paradise

In-Depth: When selecting a tropical wallpaper, consider the scale of the print. Larger-scale designs can make a bold statement, while smaller, more delicate patterns can create a subtle, textured look from a distance.

17. Metallic Sheen

Add a touch of luxury with a metallic wallpaper that reflects light and creates a shimmering effect. This glamorous option works well in formal dining rooms or master bathrooms.

Metallic Sheen

Pro Tip: Metallic wallpapers can amplify both natural and artificial light. Consider installing dimmable lighting to control the ambience and shimmering effect.

18. Faux Wood Beams

Create the illusion of rustic charm with a wallpaper that mimics wood beams. This design adds warmth and character to living rooms or kitchens without the cost and weight of real wood.

Faux Wood Beams

Commercial Product: Brewster Home Fashions offers realistic wood beam wallpapers that can be applied in a pattern to mimic structural beams.

19. Optical Illusion

Play with perception using an optical illusion wallpaper. Geometric patterns that create 3D effects can make a striking impact in hallways or entryways.

Optical Illusion

Example: A wallpaper with a cube pattern that appears to pop out from the ceiling can add depth and visual interest to a space.

20. Nautical Stripes

Bring a touch of seaside charm to your space with classic nautical stripes. This timeless design works well in coastal homes or children’s rooms with a nautical theme.

Nautical Stripes

In-Depth: Nautical stripes can be oriented in different directions for various effects. Horizontal stripes can make a room feel wider, while vertical stripes can make the ceiling appear higher.

21. Floral Fantasia

Create a romantic atmosphere with a large-scale floral wallpaper. This feminine design adds softness and elegance to bedrooms or dressing rooms.

Floral Fantasia

Pro Tip: For a modern twist on floral wallpaper, look for designs with oversized, graphic flowers in unexpected colour combinations.

22. Marble Majesty

Achieve a look of opulence with a marble-effect wallpaper. This sophisticated design adds a touch of luxury to bathrooms or formal living areas.

Marble Majesty

Commercial Product: Graham & Brown offers a range of realistic marble-effect wallpapers suitable for ceiling application.

23. Cosmic Journey

Take your ceiling to the stars with a cosmic-inspired wallpaper featuring galaxies, nebulae, and planets. This otherworldly design is perfect for home theatres or science enthusiasts’ bedrooms.

Cosmic Journey

In-Depth: Some cosmic wallpapers incorporate glow-in-the-dark elements, creating an immersive experience when the lights are turned off.

24. Damask Drama

Add a touch of traditional elegance with a classic damask wallpaper. This timeless pattern brings sophistication to formal dining rooms or master bedrooms.

Damask Drama

Pro Tip: For a modern update on the classic damask, look for designs with unexpected colour combinations or metallic accents.

25. Watercolor Wonder

Create a soft, dreamy atmosphere with a watercolor-effect wallpaper. This artistic design adds a subtle pop of colour and interest to nurseries or reading nooks.

Watercolor Wonder

Example: A pastel watercolour wallpaper with blending shades of pink, blue, and purple can create a soothing and ethereal ceiling.

26. Jungle Fever

Transform your space into a wild paradise with a jungle-themed wallpaper featuring exotic animals and lush vegetation. This bold design makes a statement in home offices or playrooms.

Jungle Fever

Commercial Product: Cole & Son offers a range of jungle-inspired wallpapers that can be adapted for ceiling use.

27. Art Nouveau Allure

Embrace the flowing lines and natural motifs of Art Nouveau with an intricate wallpaper design. This style adds a touch of vintage charm to bedrooms or sitting areas.

Art Nouveau Allure

In-Depth: Art Nouveau wallpapers often feature stylized flowers, vines, and peacock feathers. Look for designs with metallic accents for added elegance.

28. Minimalist Geometric

For a modern, clean look, opt for a minimalist geometric wallpaper. Simple shapes and clean lines create visual interest without overwhelming the space, which is perfect for contemporary homes.

Minimalist Geometric

Pro Tip: In a room with minimalist decor, a subtle geometric ceiling wallpaper can add texture and depth without disrupting the overall aesthetic.

29. Faux Tin Tiles

Add vintage charm with a wallpaper that mimics antique tin tiles. This design brings character and texture to kitchens or dining areas.

Faux Tin Tiles

Commercial Product: NuWallpaper offers peel-and-stick wallpaper options that mimic the look of tin tiles, making for easier DIY installation.

30. Cloud Nine

Create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere with a cloud-patterned wallpaper. This soft, soothing design is ideal for bedrooms or meditation spaces.

Cloud Nine

Example: A wallpaper featuring soft, billowing clouds in shades of white and pale blue can create a peaceful, sky-like ceiling.

31. Book Lovers’ Paradise

For a unique twist, consider a wallpaper featuring book spines or pages. This literary-inspired design is perfect for home libraries or studies.

Book Lovers' Paradise

In-Depth: Some book-themed wallpapers feature actual text, while others focus on the colourful spines of books. Choose based on whether you want a more subtle or bold effect.

32. Mandala Magic

Bring zen vibes to your space with a mandala-patterned wallpaper. The intricate, symmetrical designs create a focal point and add a meditative quality to yoga studios or relaxation rooms.

Mandala Magic

Pro Tip: Center a large mandala design on the ceiling for a striking focal point. This works particularly well in rooms with high ceilings.

33. Retro Revival

Embrace nostalgia with a retro-inspired wallpaper featuring bold patterns and colours from the 60s or 70s. This playful design adds personality to game rooms or vintage-themed spaces.

Retro Revival

Commercial Product: Wallshoppe offers a range of retro-inspired wallpapers that can make a bold statement on your ceiling.

34. Basket Weave Texture

Add subtle texture and interest with a wallpaper that mimics basket weave patterns. This understated design brings warmth and depth to living rooms or bedrooms.

Basket Weave Texture

In-Depth: Basket weave patterns can range from realistic textures to more stylized interpretations. Consider the overall style of your room when choosing between these options.

35. Cityscape Silhouette

Create an urban vibe with a wallpaper featuring city skyline silhouettes. This modern design works well in home offices or urban loft spaces.

Cityscape Silhouette

Example: A wallpaper featuring the New York City skyline in black silhouette against a white background can create a sophisticated, urban ceiling.

36. Enchanted Forest

Transform your ceiling into a magical woodland scene with an enchanted forest wallpaper. This whimsical design creates a sense of wonder in children’s rooms or nature-inspired spaces.

Enchanted Forest

Pro Tip: Pair an enchanted forest ceiling with wall-mounted branch-shaped shelves or tree-inspired decor to create a cohesive, immersive environment.

37. Mosaic Masterpiece

Add artistic flair with a mosaic-inspired wallpaper. The intricate patterns and vibrant colours of this design make a bold statement in entryways or accent walls.

Mosaic Masterpiece

Commercial Product: Elitis offers luxurious mosaic-inspired wallpapers that can create a stunning ceiling feature.

Remember, when choosing a wallpaper for your ceiling, always consider the overall design of your room, the amount of natural light, and your personal style preferences. With these 37 eye-catching ideas, you’re sure to find a wallpaper design that will transform your ceiling into a true work of art!


In conclusion, wallpapered ceilings offer an exciting opportunity to express your creativity and transform your living spaces. From subtle textures to bold patterns, there’s a wallpaper design to suit every taste and style. By thinking beyond traditional white ceilings, you can create a truly unique and eye-catching interior that reflects your personality and enhances your home’s ambience.

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