35+ Cool Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

The attic is often an overlooked space in many homes. With some creativity and effort, this unused area can be transformed into a gorgeous bedroom retreat. From cozy reading nooks to spacious master suites, attics make for charming sleeping quarters. Keep reading for 35 cool attic bedroom ideas to inspire your own attic renovation.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Take Advantage of Sloping Walls and Ceilings

One of the defining features of an attic is its unusual angles and slopes. Rather than trying to mask these details, embrace them! Angled walls and ceilings give the space character and can look intentional when decorated properly.

1. Incorporate Architectural Beams

Exposed beams and rafters add instant visual interest in an attic bedroom. Whitewash the wood to keep things feeling bright and airy. Accent with pendant lighting over the bed.

Incorporate Architectural Beams

2. Paint Slopes Different Colors

Define specific zones like sleeping and lounging areas through creative color-blocking. Use accent walls on the sloping surfaces for a bold, modern look.

Paint Slopes Different Colors

3. Add Skylights and Dormer Windows

Attic renovations present the perfect opportunity to add skylights and dormer windows. This floods the space with natural light and gives occupants beautiful views of the sky and treetops. Opt for electronic skylights to control light filtering.

Add Skylights and Dormer Windows

Make Room for Plenty of Seating

Since attics have so much unusable square footage around the edges, get creative with comfy seating options. Built-in window benches, cushioned nooks, chaise lounges, and loveseats help maximize relaxed gathering spaces.

4. Incorporate Banquette Seating

Tucked-away banquettes make cozy places to curl up with a book. Nestle them under the eaves or in the dormers. Outfit with plush cushions and throw pillows.

Incorporate Banquette Seating

5. Add a Window Seat or Bench

There may be smaller nooks that can accommodate a narrow window seat or bench. These spots encourage relaxation with a beautiful view.

Add a Window Seat or Bench

6. Use Freestanding Chaise Lounges

Chaise lounges easily adapt to the unique proportions of attic bedrooms. Their reclined silhouette and wheeled feet let you move them around to catch the best light.

Use Freestanding Chaise Lounges

Embrace the Small Square Footage

Attic bedrooms tend to be much smaller than regular bedrooms on the lower levels. Constraints in size encourage getting creative with layouts and furniture arrangements. Take notes from tiny home and micro-apartment dwellers who live big in compact spaces.

7. Install a Murphy Bed

Since most of the day will be spent elsewhere, a Murphy bed or wall bed is ideal. These fold away neatly when not in use, freeing up valuable real estate. Customize with built-ins for ultimate space efficiency.

Install a Murphy Bed

8. Use Sectional Seating

Compact sectionals squeeze more seating into the room than traditional sofas. Look for compact styles with chaise extensions and hidden storage. Top with throws and pillows for added coziness.

Use Sectional Seating

9. Incorporate Multi-Purpose Furniture

Furniture that pulls double or triple duty helps attain that simple, uncluttered look. Side tables with pop-up surfaces, storage ottomans, trunks, and nesting tables prevent surfaces from getting too crowded.

Incorporate Multi-Purpose Furniture

Take Special Lighting into Consideration

The unusual proportions of attics call for creative lighting solutions. Read on for special considerations when illuminating your attic sanctuary.

10. Install Adjustable Track Lighting

Hardwired track systems allow you to illuminate only where needed within the space. Point individual fixtures wherever desired along the tracks. Dimmer controls add further customizability.

Install Adjustable Track Lighting

11. Use Plug-In Pendants

Wireless, plug-in pendant lamps afford stylish overhead illumination that’s fully adjustable. Their cord-and-plug design means no wiring necessary. Cluster multiples to amp up the ambiance.

Use Plug-In Pendants

12. Incorporate Wall Sconces

Bracketed wall sconces shed an uplighting glow along sloped walls. Opt for adjustable shade angles to direct illumination exactly where needed.

Incorporate Wall Sconces

13. Add Table and Floor Lamps

Supplement overhead lighting with convenient table and floor lamps. Their portability means you can reposition them anytime. Go for directional shades to splash light across the ceiling.

Add Table and Floor Lamps

Outfit with Attic-Appropriate Furniture

It’s important to choose furniture scaled to match your attic bedroom’s proportions. Oversize pieces will quickly overwhelm while undersize items will look silly. Seek out compact, multi-functional, and convertible furnishings tailored to making the most of cramped confines.

14. Choose Appropriately Scaled Beds

Measure carefully before selecting beds. Low-profile platform frames and bunks are great space-saving options that work well in attics. Built-in beds seamlessly integrate with the architecture.

Choose Appropriately Scaled Beds

15. Incorporate Convertible Furniture

Convertible furniture adapts to changing needs. For example, sofa beds do double duty as seating and spare beds for overnight guests. Nesting tables collapse or store inside each other when not in use.

Incorporate Convertible Furniture

16. Opt for Wall-Mounted Desks

Maximize precious square footage with wall-mounted drop-leaf or floating desks. Fold them up against the wall when not working to open up floor space below.

Opt for Wall-Mounted Desks

17. Use Woven Seating

The open lattice design of woven chairs and stools prevents bulky visual weight. Their lightweight, transparent silhouette lets you see through them, making rooms appear more spacious.

Use Woven Seating

Embrace the Unusual Architecture

One of the best aspects about attic bedrooms is their architectural uniqueness. Rather than masking this charming characteristic, spotlight it through creative decor.

18. Add Peaked Canopy Beds

The canopy bed’s overhead structure handsomely echoes a peaked roofline. Frame the bed with architectural beams or exaggerated crown molding for added symmetry. Choose breezy, lightweight fabrics for the draped canopy.

Add Peaked Canopy Beds

19. Incorporate Sloped Ceiling Mirrors

Take some cues from decorative mirrors designed for stairwells and foyers. Their tapered silhouette seamlessly overlays the existing architecture, almost acting like framed skylights. Position them across from windows to reflect beautiful views and amplify natural light.

Incorporate Sloped Ceiling Mirrors

20. Whitewash the Beams and Boards

For a beachy, relaxed vibe, apply whitewash or lime wash to the existing wood beams and boards. This brightens up dark eaves and rafters for an airier feel. Accentuate architectural details like ceiling joists and cross-braces with this technique.

Whitewash the Beams and Boards

21. Add Faux Architectural Beams

Lend a farmhouse charm through faux wood beams made from inexpensive lumber and plaster. Prime and paint for a polished look. Or, embrace their raw reclaimed aesthetic to match existing rafters.

Add Faux Architectural Beams

Maximize Storage Solutions

Attic bedrooms typically suffer from a lack of closets and dedicated storage space. Utilize creative solutions to tuck away clothing, bedding, and accessories.

22. Use Storage Beds and Headboards

Beds with built-in storage hide items right within the frame. Lift the mattress to reveal hidden compartments inside the base. Headboards with shelves keep books and personal items nearby.

Use Storage Beds and Headboards

23. Install Closet Rods

Take advantage of awkward narrow wall spaces with closet rod installations. Mount adjustable rods across the studs for makeshift clothing storage. Curtain off with decorative screens or drapes.

Install Closet Rods

24. Add Freestanding Armoires

Freestanding armoires pack tons of storage volume into a compact floor plan footprint. Conceal them behind curtains or doors to hide clutter. Seek out dual-purpose designs with a Murphy bed inside.

Add Freestanding Armoires

25. Use Woven Baskets and Bins

In lieu of closets and dressers, neatly corral clothing, shoes, accessories, and linens inside storage baskets, bins, and trunks. These look chic and boho styled atop a rug or lining the eaves.

Use Woven Baskets and Bins

Embrace Quirky Decor and Accessories

Attic abodes seem to call for playful, spirited accents that enhance their whimsical vibe. Have fun decorating this unique retreat with conversation-starting accessories.

26. Display Your Collections

Showcase prized memorabilia, collections, and travel mementos gained over a lifetime. Group curio cabinets, shelving, ledges, and tabletop frames creatively to exhibit these personal pieces. This transforms the attic into a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Display Your Collections

27. Add Bold Graphic Artwork

Because the architecture itself dominates, choose bold, graphic prints that hold their own on the walls. Black and white schemes pop nicely against neutral attic backgrounds. Go super-sized with canvases stretching edge-to-edge.

Add Bold Graphic Artwork

28. Incorporate Meaningful Found Objects

Sentimental antiques, hand-crafted items, and travel treasures personalize attic rooms with heart and soul. Style vignettes on tabletops, shelves, and ledges featuring special keepsakes that relay stories.

Incorporate Meaningful Found Objects

29. Display Houseplants and Terrariums

The indoor garden trend looks right at home against attic angles and under skylights. Greenery literally helps you rise above and escape inside this uber-private sanctuary. Macrame plant hangers prevent overcrowding tabletops and sills.

Display Houseplants and Terrariums

Consider Special Finishes and Paint Techniques

Attic bedrooms allow some leniency for using imaginative finishes and techniques you may not dare attempt elsewhere. Think outside the box with daring color schemes and textural accents.

30. Add Architectural Wainscoting

Defined vertical paneling lends structured elegance against angled ceilings. Paint panels and trim in contrasting tones for modern pop. Wrap just the upper portion of walls to zone off sleeping and seating areas.

Add Architectural Wainscoting

31. Paint Whimsical Cloud Murals

Channel a magical, fairytale aesthetic through painted skyscapes. Adhere a canvas across large sloping stretches for an easy artistic upgrade. Stencil puffy white clouds using a projector and painter’s tape masking.

Paint Whimsical Cloud Murals

32. Consider Metallic Leaf Finishes

Pearly silver and lustrous gold leaf finishes glamorize an attic’s uniqueness. Brush metallic paint onto ceiling beams, architectural trim and niches. Or apply removable leaf sheets as dazzling accents. The reflective quality heightens the light.

Consider Metallic Leaf Finishes

33. Experiment with Bold Wallpapers

Sheer walls and ceiling angles allow vivid wallpaper patterns to shine. Choose dynamic designs like Chinoiserie prints, tropical motifs or Moroccan tiles as bold backdrops behind the bed or seating. Use oversized prints for best visual impact.

Experiment with Bold Wallpapers

Upcycle the Architecture with Salvaged Materials

Attics present the ideal environment for flexing those upcycling muscles and getting scrappy. Raid salvage yards for affordable building materials that play up the rustic vibe.

34. Panel with Reclaimed Beadboard

Beadboard instantly revives tired walls and ceilings with textural interest. Nail up salvaged tongue-and-groove planks or install peel-and-stick panels. The white-painted finish keeps things airy and light.

Panel with Reclaimed Beadboard

35. Construct a Bed Frame from Architectural Remnants

For serious style cred, construct a custom bed frame using salvaged materials. Repurposed wood boards, wrought iron railings, shutters and vintage doors reinvent scraps with rustic charm. Simplicity highlights the architecture itself.

Construct a Bed Frame from Architectural Remnants


Attic bedrooms hold such potential as personalized retreats. Make the most of the abundant charm by embracing those iconic sloped ceilings, peaked rooflines and cosy nooks. When thoughtfully decorated, even the smallest stowaway attic space can become a beloved room with a spectacular view on top of the world. Use the unusual geometry and proportions to inform furnishing choices that enhance visual balance. Don’t overlook the value of multipurpose and small-space furniture to maximize flexibility. Attic rooms thirst for light, so take advantage of dormers and skylights wherever possible. Finally, don’t shy away from vibrant colors, prints and finishes that celebrate the playful, whimsical spirit. Have fun designing your special hideaway in the clouds!

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