37 Bedrooms With Wallpaper Accent Walls Ideas

Accent walls can instantly transform the look and feel of a room. One of the most popular accent wall ideas is wallpaper. Wallpaper adds visual interest, texture, and personality to bedrooms. An accent wall in wallpaper can range from subtle patterns to bold prints. Whether you want to make a statement or prefer a more neutral look, there are endless wallpaper options to choose from. Here are 37 gorgeous bedrooms with wallpaper accent walls to inspire your home’s next makeover.

1. Bold Black and White Stripes

Nothing makes a statement quite like bold black and white stripes. They create drama and interest in this otherwise neutral bedroom. The dark stripes contrast beautifully with the light walls and bedding. A large painting over the bed in similar colors ties the whole look together seamlessly.

Bold Black and White Stripes

Why it works: The high contrast stripes energize the space and make it feel polished and put-together.

2. Modern Geometric Pattern

For a contemporary accent wall, opt for a cool geometric print in contrasting colors. This modern design in grey, black, and white has major graphic impact. The linear pattern brings visual intrigue without feeling distracting or chaotic. Sleek midcentury furnishings complement the modern motif.

Modern Geometric Pattern

Why it works: The graphic print stylishly transforms this neutral space into a contemporary retreat.

3. Blue and Green Damask Wallpaper

Give your bedroom a luxe makeover with damask wallpaper in rich colors like royal blue or emerald green. This timeless print takes on an updated modern feel in fun, punchy colors. For contrast, keep the remaining walls, bedding, and furnishings light and airy. Add mirrored nightstands for extra glam.

Blue and Green Damask Wallpaper

Why it works: The damask print and vivid colors inject classic elegance into this contemporary bedroom.

4. Bohemian Botanical Print

Embrace your free-spirited side with a floral wallpaper accent wall. Choose a vivid botanical print with exotic blooms and oversized motifs. Pair it with laidback bohemian furnishings and plenty of plants for an earthy, relaxed vibe. Keep the rest of the space in neutral tones so the print can take center stage.

Bohemian Botanical Print

Why it works: The colorful floral pattern brings a whimsical, boho-chic style to this bedroom.

5. Chic and Subtle Silvery Stripes

For a softly glittering accent wall, look for tone-on-tone stripes like these silvery vertical lines. The subtle metallic stripes add understated shine and elegance to the space. Keep the rest of the room light and airy so the delicate print can take the spotlight.

Chic and Subtle Silvery Stripes

Why it works: The quiet glimmer of the silvery stripes adds a hint of sophistication without overpowering.

6. Navy and White Herringbone

Give your bedroom a tailored look with an accent wall in classic herringbone. This timeless print instantly adds polish. Choose a color scheme with high contrast like navy and white for maximum impact. Add window treatments and bedding in similar colors for a coordinated look.

Navy and White Herringbone

Why it works: The sophisticated herringbone pattern lends an upscale ambiance to this space.

7. Rustic Wood Plank Wallpaper

Recreate the rustic aesthetic of a mountain lodge with wood plank wallpaper. Opt for a distressed, whitewashed look in a light tone that won’t overwhelm. Keep furnishings equally airy and natural to complement the woodsy vibe. Touches of plaid add to the outdoorsy look.

Rustic Wood Plank Wallpaper

Why it works: The reclaimed wood look adds cozy, rustic charm to this bedroom retreat.

8. Brick Accent Wallpaper

Take your accent wall to the next level with three-dimensional wallpaper that mimics real brick. Choose a distressed brick pattern in muted natural tones for an authentic look. Light walls, ceilings, and furnishings keep the focus on the textured brick print. Add industrial elements like metal hardware for an edgy loft vibe.

Brick Accent Wallpaper

Why it works: The faux brick wall adds the illusion of an urban loft to this cozy bedroom.

9. Blush Pink Floral Trail

Make a feminine statement with floral trail wallpaper. Look for designs with soft watercolor details, trailing vines, or oversized blooms. Stick to a romantic color palette of blush pinks, creams, and pale gold. The floral pattern pops against the neutral background.

Blush Pink Floral Trail

Why it works: The delicate trail of blush florals creates a sweet, romantic focal point.

10. Bold Palm Leaf Print

Take a tropical vacation in your bedroom with a palm leaf accent wall. Look for oversized palm motifs in vivid tones. The colorful print transports you to a tropical oasis. Keep furnishings light and natural to let the palm design shine. Add faux plants for extra jungle vibes.

Bold Palm Leaf Print

Why it works: The vivid palm print infuses this neutral bedroom with bright, tropical style.

11. Neutral Woven Texture

For a natural, textured look, try grasscloth or woven wallpaper. The visible fibers and subtle color variations add organic depth. Stick to neutral, earthy hues to complement your existing furnishings without overpowering. The texture provides just enough interest without going over the top.

Neutral Woven Texture

Why it works: The soft, textural design warms up this minimalist bedroom in a subtle way.

12. Bold Black and White Buffalo Check

Give your bedroom rustic modern flair with a buffalo check accent wall in bold black and white. The graphic pattern makes a commanding statement. To keep it feeling fresh instead of cabin-esque, pair it with midcentury or industrial furnishings and decor. Add bright pops of color in the bedding and artwork.

Bold Black and White Buffalo Check

Why it works: The dramatic buffalo check design energizes the space in a modern-meets-rustic way.

13. Minimalist Charcoal Grey

For a modern look, keep your accent wall minimalist and understated. Go for a dark neutral like charcoal grey. The rich hue provides subtle contrast without overwhelming. Keep furnishings sleek and streamlined. Add pops of brightness in the decor and bedding to offset the cozy, moody wall.

Minimalist Charcoal Grey

Why it works: The deep charcoal grey provides an impactful yet minimalist focal point.

14. Watercolor Floral Mural

Make your accent wall a work of art with a handpainted floral mural. Look for soft, abstract watercolor designs in a muted color palette. The custom art gives your space a refined, romantic look. Keep additional furnishings light and airy so the mural can take center stage.

Watercolor Floral Mural

Why it works: The custom floral mural transforms the room into a sophisticated, gallery-like retreat.

15. Whimsical Deer Trail

Bring a playful, whimsical vibe to your bedroom with a deer or animal trail accent wall. Look for watercolor designs in natural tones. The deer vignettes create a serene, storybook feel. Adorn the rest of your space with furnishings that match the light, airy aesthetic of the mural.

Whimsical Deer Trail

Why it works: The sweet deer trail gives this bedroom a peaceful, storybook-inspired look.

16. Textured Natural Wood

Rustic wallpaper patterns don’t have to be kitschy. For a more elevated, modern look, choose a textured solid wood design. The rich variations in the wood grain add visual interest without overpowering. Pair it with sleek, contemporary furnishings for an organic but polished vibe.

Textured Natural Wood

Why it works: The textural wood backdrop gives this modern space warmth and depth.

17. Bold Black and White Zigzag

Make a seriously graphic statement with a black and white zigzag accent wall. The striking high contrast pattern energizes the space. Keep decor minimal to let the dizzying zigzags stand out. Choose one more furnishing in a similar bold motif, like the rug here.

Bold Black and White Zigzag

Why it works: The eye-catching zigzag pattern maximizes visual impact and modern edge.

18. Gilded Baroque Wallpaper

Go glam with a gilded baroque print accent wall. Look for designs with ornate detailing and metallic or champagne gold accents. The opulent wallcovering gives your bedroom an instantly luxurious look and feel. Keep the rest of the space light and airy to maximize the allure of the glitzy wall.

Gilded Baroque Wallpaper

Why it works: The luxe gilded baroque print turns this bedroom into a stylish, glamorous retreat.

19. Painted Plaid Print

Get the plaid look without overpowering your space by having it hand-painted instead of wallpapered. A muted red and cream plaid design has rustic charm. Keep furnishings cozy and comfortable to complement the casual checkered wall. Add windowpane patterns in your textiles to tie the look together.

Painted Plaid Print

Why it works: The hand-painted plaid wall lends the room a cozy, welcoming cottage aesthetic.

20. Textured Neutral Grasscloth

For an earthy, organic look, try textured grasscloth wallpaper. Look for natural hues like cream, brown, or grey. The visible fibers add dimension without bold patterns. Contemporary furnishings balance out the raw, rustic wallcovering. Touches of greenery tie the natural scheme together.

Textured Neutral Grasscloth

Why it works: The grasscloth backdrop brings warmth and texture without overwhelming the space.

21. Black and White Abstract

Make an artful impact with a black and white abstract print. Look for distressed textures, paint spatters, scribbles or tornado-like shapes. The chaotic patterns become a modern art installment. Keep the furnishings edgy but minimal to complement the graphic wall.

Black and White Abstract

Why it works: The abstract print brings modern art gallery flair to the bedroom.

22. Minimalist Black Accent Wall

Sometimes, all you need is a solid pop of color. This minimalist black accent wall makes a masculine, modern statement. Black is an edgy yet neutral choice that allows other furnishings and decor to take center stage. Add industrial elements like black metal nightstands to complement the moody wall.

Minimalist Black Accent Wall

Why it works: The simple black wall creates dramatic impact with minimal effort.

23. Mirrored Accent Wall

Make your small bedroom appear larger than life with a mirrored accent wall. The reflective surface visually doubles the space. It also adds major glamour and brightness. Choose a beautiful ornate mirror or fun geometric design. Keep the rest of the room crisp and neutral to let the dazzling mirror shine.

Mirrored Accent Wall

Why it works: The mirror reflects light and gives the illusion of a larger, brighter space.

24. Purple and Pink Watercolor Floral

Don’t be afraid to go for bold, unusual colors like purple and pink. This vibrant floral print livens up a neutral space. The swirling watercolor blooms have an abstract, artful look. Let the wallpaper be the star and keep other furnishings subdued.

Purple and Pink Watercolor Floral

Why it works: The atypical colors and abstract florals create a playful focal point.

25. Rustic Wooden Parquet

The wooden parquet look doesn’t have to feel dated. Choose a modern print with washed out greys and minimal coloring for a more relaxed look. Mix sleek furnishings with natural wood accents to complement the reclaimed wallpaper vibe. Add touches of black for contrast.

Rustic Wooden Parquet

Why it works: The weathered wood parquet backdrop gives this sleek space a dash of organic charm.

26. Purple Watercolor Abstract

Make your accent wall a modern art masterpiece with brilliant watercolors. Try a large-scale abstract design in jewel tones like purple, teal or magenta. The colorful wallcovering becomes a work of art. Keep additional furnishings muted and minimalist.

Purple Watercolor Abstract

Why it works: The vivid abstract print transforms the room into a colorful, contemporary art installation.

27. Natural Wooden Shiplap

Rustic wooden shiplap is a warm, welcoming accent wall option. The unfinished boards add pleasing texture and earthy charm. Offset the reclaimed wall with clean-lined furniture to keep the look feeling current instead of country. Add touches of greenery for an organic feel.

Natural Wooden Shiplap

Why it works: The raw wooden shiplap infuses this sleek industrial space with cozy, rustic texture.

28. Sculptural Geometric Paneling

Make a contemporary statement with geometric sculptural wall paneling. The 3D hexagon design adds artful intrigue. Choose a bold color like navy to make it pop even more. Keep additional furnishings sleek and streamlined to complement the modern wall covering.

Sculptural Geometric Paneling

Why it works: The sculptural hexagons create a modern, eye-catching focal point.

29. Subway Tile Accent Wall

Take your accent wall inspiration from bathrooms and kitchens by using actual or faux subway tile. Opt for muted grey, blue, or white tiles in high contrast to the surrounding walls. Add classic furnishings and antique accents for an elegant, vintage hotel feel.

Subway Tile Accent Wall

Why it works: The classic subway tile design gives this bedroom vintage Parisian flair.

30. Pink Watercolor Floral

Try a colorful watercolor floral print like this pink magnolia design for a soft, romantic look. Keep the background light for maximum impact of the swirling blooms. Pair with painted wood furnishings and antique accents. Add window treatments in similar soft hues to tie it all together.

Pink Watercolor Floral

Why it works: The soft pink floral print and creamy backdrop create a sweet romantic haven.

31. Natural Grassweave Texture

For natural texture without bold patterns, try grassweave wallpaper. The visible strands have a subtle vertical stripe effect. Keep surrounding walls, ceilings and furnishings light. Add woven textures and vegetation to enhance the organic vibe.

Natural Grassweave Texture

Why it works: The natural grassweave print adds cozy, earthy texture in a neutral way.

32. High Gloss Lacquered Stripes

Luxurious lacquered wallcoverings take accent walls to the next level of glamour and shine. This glossy striped pattern in crimson red packs a serious visual punch. Pair with sleek, contemporary furnishings and metallic accents. Keep lighting bright to maximize the high-gloss effect.

High Gloss Lacquered Stripes

Why it works: The glossy red stripes make for an eye-catching, luxurious accent wall.

33. Neutral Palette Geometric

Keep your geometric accent wall neutral and understated for an ultra-modern look. Opt for muted tones like greys, taupes and ivories in graphic designs. The matte color scheme allows bolder shaping to shine. Add colorful accents in the furnishings, bedding and decor.

Neutral Palette Geometric

Why it works: The muted palette keeps the intricate geometric shapes clean and contemporary.

34. Sophisticated Metallic Damask

Damask wallpaper gets a sophisticated facelift with the addition of subtle metallic accents. Look for tone-on-tone silvers, coppers or golds. Pair with crystal chandeliers, gilded mirrors and velvet furnishings for ultimate glamour. Keep the damask print tailored instead of ornate.

Sophisticated Metallic Damask

Why it works: The metallic damask print and luxe decor give this bedroom an elegant, glamorous look.

35. Marble and Brass Geometric

Make your bedroom feel five-star hotel chic with marble and brass metallic wallpaper. Geometric or damask prints look especially posh in shimmering metallics. Add other glitzy accents like crystal chandeliers and gold-framed mirrors for a dazzling effect.

Marble and Brass Geometric

Why it works: The marble and brass wallcovering cranks the glamour all the way up.

36. Scandinavian Birds and Botanicals

Give your neutral Scandi-style bedroom a boost with whimsical birds and botanical wallpaper. Look for nature-inspired prints with a hand-painted feel. Keep furniture minimalist and made from natural wood. Add touches of greenery, woven textures and black accents for contrast.

Scandinavian Birds and Botanicals

Why it works: The playful print livens up this pared-down Scandinavian-inspired space.

37. Dark Floral Trail

Make a moody statement with oversized floral trail wallpaper in deep hues like navy, emerald or burgundy. Bold blooms and winding vines make a dramatic impression against light surroundings. Pair with mid-century or gothic furnishings for maximum impact.

Dark Floral Trail

Why it works: The striking floral trail contrasts beautifully against the neutral background.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to wallpaper accent walls. From subtle patterns to bold prints, wallpaper allows you to showcase your unique style. Choose colors, textures and designs that speak to your personality. Accent walls give you the freedom to take risks with bolder choices since they’re only covering a fraction of the space.

Bring visual intrigue into your bedroom with textural grasscloth, chic metallics or handpainted murals. Try gilded baroque patterns or graphic geometrics for drama. Look to nature or go full-on modern art gallery. Or keep it simple with a moody solid-colored wall to focalize the room. Whatever your style, an accent wall in wallpaper invites creativity into your bedroom design.

With this wide range of stunning yet attainable accent wall inspiration, you’re sure to find a look that transforms your bedroom into a stylish retreat. Whichever wallpaper design you choose, use it as a blank canvas to exhibit your unique decor sensibilities. With just a single accent wall, you can turn your bedroom into the gorgeous, welcoming space of your dreams.

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