15 Cool Ideas To Use Space Behind The Bed

The area behind a bed often turns into wasted space or becomes a clutter catch-all in many bedrooms. However, this out-of-sight zone presents ample room for organizational opportunities. With a little creativity, you can transform that vacant space into a functional and stylish design feature.

Whether you want to amplify storage, incorporate lighting, or simply add visual interest, there are many cool ways to use the space behind your bed. From building floating nightstands to installing a faux headboard, read on for 15 ingenious ideas to maximize unused territory in your bedroom.

Cool Ideas To Use Space Behind The Bed

1. Attach Floating Nightstands

Floating nightstands instantly create storage and surface space without taking up precious floor area. Attach narrow shelves or small cabinets to the wall behind bedside tables. Opt for open shelves to display books and decorative objects or enclosed storage to neatly tuck away pajamas, extra linens, and other bedroom essentials.

Attach Floating Nightstands

2. Add an Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard pads the wall behind your bed, dampening sound and making the space feel extra cozy. Nail or screw a large piece of foam core to the wall, then stretch and staple your favorite fabric over the top. For more cushion, glue batting or foam to the board before applying the fabric.

Add an Upholstered Headboard

3. Build a Faux Headboard

Short on time or cash? A faux headboard creates the look of an upholstered style without the work. Use decorative wallpaper or paint and framed art to mimic the shape of a headboard. Outline it with trim or molding for added dimension.

Build a Faux Headboard

4. Install Wall-Mounted Reading Lights

Reading in bed is a pleasure with wall-mounted swing arm sconces or adjustable lights. Opt for plug-in styles, hardwired fixtures, or battery-powered lamps based on your setup. Place matching lights on both sides of the bed for balanced illumination.

Install Wall-Mounted Reading Lights

5. Display Meaningful Art

Fill awkward blank walls behind your bed with stunning canvas prints, framed photos, tapestries, mirrors, or floating shelves showcasing collected objects. Curating a thoughtful gallery creates visual interest and personalizes your nest.

Display Meaningful Art

6. Build a Storage Headboard

For the ultimate space-saving solution, construct a storage headboard. Start with a basic plywood box in the shape of a typical headboard. Add shelves, cabinets, and cubbies to stash books, electronics, extra toiletries, and other nighttime essentials. Finish with molding and paint or wallpaper to integrate it with your decor.

Build a Storage Headboard

7. Hang a Tapestry

Tapestry hangings infuse boho flair while masking a boring wall. Search for styles featuring vibrant patterns and textures or calming neutral hues. Hang your tapestry stretched between two slim dowels or opt for a rod pocket top to display it like artwork.

Hang a Tapestry

8. Add Wallpaper

Much like a tapestry, wallpaper transforms lackluster walls behind your bed. Whether you love modern graphic prints, delicate florals, or textured metallics, wallpaper offers unlimited options to make the space shine. Consider self-adhesive papers for easy application and removal.

Add Wallpaper

9. Install Sconces

Bedside swing arm sconces provide targeted light for reading. Hardwired electric fixtures give off brighter illumination, while battery-powered styles offer cord-free flexibility. Place a matching set on both sides of the bed for the most functionality.

Install Sconces

10. Attach Corner Shelves

Take advantage of wasted corner space by securing angled floating shelves. Display houseplants, books, and decorative objects to put the area to use. For a coherent look, opt for corner shelves with details that coordinate with other wood furnishings in your room.

Attach Corner Shelves

11. Use Mirrors to Expand the Space

Strategically hung mirrors visually expand cramped quarters. Anchor-leaning full-length mirrors or bold framed styles create the illusion of extra square footage. Position them across from windows whenever possible to maximize reflective light.

Use Mirrors to Expand the Space

12. Build a Bookcase Headboard

Avid readers will adore the convenience of a bookcase headboard. Construct a basic plywood box and affix shelves for storing books, e-readers, tablets, glasses, remotes, and other nightstand items. Finish with trim or legs to integrate it with your existing decor.

Build a Bookcase Headboard

13. Add Wall-Mounted Coat Hooks

In smaller spaces, the back of headboards present prime real estate for wall-mounted coat hooks. Opt for hooks in materials like wood, metal, or ceramic that coordinate with other accents in your room. Use them to hang robes, towels, purses, hats, and jackets.

Add Wall-Mounted Coat Hooks

14. Install Decorative Wall Panels

Three-dimensional wall panels lend an eye-catching style to boring bedroom walls. Choose geometric, organic, or abstract designs in materials like wood, metal, fiber, or high-density foam. Paint or finish them to match your decor before securely adhering them to the wall.

Install Decorative Wall Panels

15. Display Collections

Showcase treasured collections using floating shelves, ledges, or display cases mounted behind your bed. Collections might feature ceramic vases, natural specimens, autographed baseballs, classic cameras, or family photos grouped in matching frames. Thoughtfully spotlighting meaningful objects personalizes the space.

Display Collections


The area behind your bed offers ample unused space loaded with possibilities. By incorporating storage furniture, wall decor, lighting, or display shelves, you can completely transform boring walls into functional and stylish design features. Maximize this often-overlooked zone to reflect your tastes while creating a cohesive, pulled-together bedroom retreat. With a little creativity, the world is your oyster when it comes to making the most of the space behind your bed.

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