40 Must-See Interior Window Ideas for Your Home

Interior windows can visually open up interior spaces and allow natural light to flow between rooms. Their creative use in home design builds intriguing connections, while still maintaining privacy. Here are 40 gorgeous interior window ideas to inspire your next remodel or new build.

Interior Window Ideas

What are Interior Windows?

Interior, or architectural windows, are openings that allow light and views between indoor rooms without exposure to the outdoors. They create interesting interior architecture, as well as practical benefits:

Practical Benefits

  • Allow natural light into interior rooms
  • Visually connect spaces
  • Provide ventilation between rooms
  • Enable parents to monitor young children at play
  • Built-in sightlines increase security

Design Benefits

  • Architectural interest
  • Visually expands rooms
  • Modern, industrial appeal
  • Makes spaces feel more open

With creative interior window designs and placements, you can transform the feel and functionality of your home’s floor plan.

40 Beautiful Interior Window Ideas and Inspirations

Here are 40 gorgeous interior window ideas to give you inspiration and ideas for your own home.

1. Full-Wall Interior Window

A full-length interior window makes a dramatic statement. The wall of glass fully opens the visual space while still keeping rooms separate.

Full-Wall Interior Window

2. Black-Framed Interior Window

The striking black window frame makes this interior window a stunning architectural focal point. The contrast creates modern drama.

Black-Framed Interior Window

3. Frosted Interior Window

Frosted glass allows light through while obscuring views and maintaining privacy between rooms. The glass adds modern style.

Frosted Interior Window

4. Large Pivot Interior Window

A large pivoting full-length window fully opens to join rooms or provide a clear sightline while closed.

Large Pivot Interior Window

5. Half-Wall Interior Window

This half-wall interior window opens the space while still giving separation. The clean-lined shape keeps it modern.

Half-Wall Interior Window

6. Nursery Interior Window

An interior nursery window lets parents peek in on babies. Built-in shelving below makes a perfect changing station.

Nursery Interior Window

7. Hexagon Interior Window

The hexagon shape makes this interior window a distinctive architectural feature. Creative shapes add intrigue.

Hexagon Interior Window

8. Double Interior Window

A set of interior windows symmetrically placed provides intriguing views and abundant natural light.

Double Interior Window

9. Four-Pane Interior Window

The divided lites of this interior window add classic farmhouse charm and allow light through with privacy.

Four-Pane Interior Window

10. Corner Interior Window

Placing an interior window diagonally in the corner joins spaces in an unexpected way for interest.

Corner Interior Window

11. Rectangular Interior Window

This horizontal rectangular window adds a modern architectural element while connecting rooms.

Rectangular Interior Window

12. Window Bench Below

Placing an interior window above eye level maintains privacy while allowing light through. A built-in bench below makes great seating.

Window Bench Below

13. Small Accent Interior Window

Even a small interior window placed high on the wall adds architectural interest and brightens with natural light.

Small Accent Interior Window

14. Large Interior Pass-Through Window

This large pass-through interior window frame allows serving dishes to pass between kitchen and dining room.

Large Interior Pass-Through Window

15. Rustic Wood Interior Window

A rustic wood framed interior window adds a cozy, farmhouse element to a modern decor. The contrast feels fresh.

Rustic Wood Interior Window

16. Wall of Interior Windows

Lining up a full wall of interior windows makes a major design statement and bathes rooms with plentiful light.

Wall of Interior Windows

17. Glass Block Interior Window

Glass building blocks make an interior window that allows light flow while obscuring views and maintaining privacy.

Glass Block Interior Window

18. Octagon Interior Window

The atypical angles and shape make this octagon window a standout interior architectural feature.

Octagon Interior Window

19. Decorative Interior Window Trim

Add classic architectural interest by framing out the interior window opening with decorative trim and molding.

Decorative Interior Window Trim

20. Accent Color Interior Window Frame

Make the interior window a bold focal point by choosing a frame color that contrasts or accents the wall color.

Accent Color Interior Window Frame

21. Arched Interior Window

The arched top gives this interior window graceful elegance. Arches add traditional charm or modern flair.

Arched Interior Window

22. Kitchen Peek-In Window

This slim interior window allows natural light into a small kitchen while giving a peek into the adjacent room.

Kitchen Peek-In Window

23. Ceiling Interior Window

Placing an interior window up high, near the ceiling, allows light to pass through while maintaining privacy in rooms.

Ceiling Interior Window

24. Window Seat Interior Nook

Tuck a cushioned window seat into the square interior window nook for cozy seating with internal views.

Window Seat Interior Nook

25. Bathroom Interior Privacy Windows

Frosted glass bathroom interior windows allow light in while keeping privacy between interior rooms

Bathroom Interior Privacy Windows

26. Curved Glass Block Interior Window

Glass block arranged in a concave curve creates innovative style. The light flows but views stay private.

Curved Glass Block Interior Window

27. Porthole Interior Window

A round porthole window makes a quirky-cute interior window to pass items or allow peeks between rooms.

Porthole Interior Window

28. Geometric Interior Window Pattern

Create visual intrigue by arranging multiple small interior windows into geometric or angular patterns.

Geometric Interior Window Pattern

29. Creative Shaped Interior Windows

Make interior windows a showcase by choosing uniquely shaped frames: trapezoids, triangles, circles, curves.

Creative Shaped Interior Windows

30. Double Door Interior Window

A set of French doors make interior windows that fully open to expand visual space or pivot partially open.

Double Door Interior Window

31. Industrial Style Interior Windows

Factory-style interior windows with black metal framing and divided lites have modern industrial appeal.

Industrial Style Interior Windows

32. Serving Window Pass-Through

An wide, open serving window through to the kitchen has a place for plates and allows friendly interaction.

Serving Window Pass-Through

33. Light-Reflecting Interior Window

Place an interior window across from exterior windows so views and light reflect back and forth.

Light-Reflecting Interior Window

34. Mirrored Interior Window Wall

Lining an interior wall with mirrored windows reflects light in intriguing ways and gives the illusion of double space.

Mirrored Interior Window Wall

35. Wall Mural trompe l’oeil Window

Clever wall murals can mimic interior windows or glimpses of faraway views for visual intrigue.

Wall Mural trompe l’oeil Window

36. Interior Window Herb Garden

Tuck an interior window herb garden into the kitchen pass-through window for handy garnish access.

Interior Window Herb Garden

37. Stairwell Interior Windows

Placing interior windows along a stairwell allows streaming light from floor to floor and intriguing views.

Stairwell Interior Windows

38. Accent Color Interior Window Trim

Make the interior window “pop” by framing it in contrasting trim or painting the interior ledge an accent tone.

Accent Color Interior Window Trim

39. Salvaged Architectural Interior Windows

For authentic charm, use old windows found at architectural salvage shops to create eclectic interior windows.

Salvaged Architectural Interior Windows

40. Interior Window Reading Nook

Build out a cozy reading nook in the deep window well below a large interior window. Add cushions and bookshelves.

Interior Window Reading Nook


Creative interior window designs can make intriguing architectural focal points and solve lighting needs. They connect rooms with stylish openings that allow natural light to spread deeper into interior spaces. Which of these beautiful interior window ideas sparked inspiration for your home? Incorporate interior windows to open, brighten and connect your interior rooms in eye-catching ways.

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